Links Round-up June 29, 2015

I know Monday is an odd day for a links round-up, but there were a few big things that came out recently that I wanted to be sure to share. published its first essay in their new Digital Humanities and Art History coverage. Written by Field Editor Pamela Fletcher, it provides a very gentle introduction and highlights a selection of projects, most of which should be familiar to you if you’ve been keeping up. Perhaps it is a style decision, but since the essay was online and concerning online materials, I would have appreciated inline links to the described projects. That said, there are plenty of links to projects and helpful articles in the end notes. I am curious to see if, in future installments, this coverage sounds less tentative and reflects a studier embrace of the digital. (This is my own opinion. What was your impression?)

-The International Journal for Digital Art History published issue #1 online June 26, 2015. All articles are available for free download and a good place to start might be “Debating Digital Art History” by Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, who asks the question, “Am I a Digital Humanist or a Digital Art Historian or, simply, an Art Historian?” A call for articles for issue #2 has a deadline of August 15, 2015. The exciting theme is Visualizing Big Image Data.

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